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Using FaceBook to Grow Your Business

Interested in using FaceBook to grow your business?  Think of Facebook like the Offline world.  Would you go to your neighbor’s house and paint a link to your website on the side of their house?


It’s funny how some people think that just going to people’s walls and posting links to their sites is going to work. Would you go up to a stranger in a coffee shop and tape your flyer to their forehead?


Facebook is a relationship tool. It allows you to connect with people that you’d otherwise have no way to communicate with. So treat those connections with respect. These are real people on the other side of the screen.  We’ve put together a 4 part process that allows you to connect with people on Facebook in a REAL way.  By following this step by step blueprint, you can form strong relationships and connections with people globally… without looking like a spammer or a pitch artist.

Look for the next installment when I’ll cover the first step.  Until then, start building your relationships through face-to-face networking!


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